by Clay

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released August 21, 2015



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Clay Lincoln, Nebraska

Clay is a Lincoln, Nebraska based acoustic trio. The band has been playing Lincoln and Kansas City, MO since 2012. Members include: Kelly Clay - Vocals, Violin
Mitch Benson - Vocals, Guitar
Ian Wright - Vocals, Bass

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Track Name: On the Ropes
I am a visitor, I am not permanent
Not a fixed figure of the scenery,
Just a wilted red rose in the greenery

I am uncomfortable, I’ve been so gullible
Not a big pill for me to swallow,
Give a good tap and you’ll see I’m hollow

The words that I wrote, are the ones I’ve never spoke
Not exactly my strongest suit,
Conveying the message I have for you

I have sometimes thought, in a world where the pen is lost
All there is, is what you hear
I wish so bad to take you here

I’ll find it oh, yes I will. I’ll find it over the very next hill
I’ll fight till there’s no more air to breathe
Until I have no more blood to bleed

Oh I can feel it now it’s so close, even though I am on the ropes
But I’ll fight till there’s no more air to breathe
Until I have no more blood to bleed

I am a veteran, though I am wavering
Bright golden rays illuminate
The soft smooth curves of your face

I am a wanderer, stranded upon this earth
Looking for a chance at a warm safe place
One that is stable and unwilling to fade
Track Name: By the Sea
The river’s flowing out of the limit of my control.
The levees must have been about a thousand years old.
So much of the river bank has been over took,
That those who come later won’t know where it stood

And I, oh I, I can’t see the other side

The folks before me knew that this day would come.
Living in the fear of one day over-run
We were all assured by the good men of this town
That would stand together and protect the solid ground

And I, oh I, I think I will drown.

No matter how hard we tried,
The waves would not die.
And at the end of the day there was no one in sight
Except for me

And I was taken over by the sea.

A distant river bank was what my future could hold.
One with a couple of caves so I wouldn’t get cold
Even though I’d never been there, you know I wanted to go
The tears and rips all over me that I thought it could sow

Just as the bank drew near, water came over my head
And there I heard every word it wanted said
The fight alone could kill, it could kill any man
But he who can ride the wave would soon rule the land
Track Name: Juliet
Let me tell you a story that happened not so long ago
Sitting at a bar oh just down the road

There sits a man eyes of wisdom and a face worn old
He lived his life, body tired but oh the stories he told

He said “you look like a nice girl” as he sat there next to me
Then he told me about the man he used to be

Yeah her name was Juliet and her eyes a speck of green
I was the spitting image of that man’s long lost dream

They spent a summer romance translating all they could
Their language cryptic but the messages still stood

But that was another time, Juliet returned back home
To another lover, left his heart forever roam
Track Name: Safe and Sound
I am an ocean; I am a tide, watching the waves as they go by.
And the moon is high up in the sky.

I am a lighthouse; I am a trail, giving light to all who prevail.
As I think to myself… oh all the dangers of the sea

Yes you will be safe and sound if you stand by me.

Oh, this huge ocean; in moves the tide, washing away, all of our lies.
As the truth exposed on our bare feet

In this old lighthouse; dim is the light, trying to give some kind of sign.
As the waves, crash upon its side

Feet planted on the ground with no place to hide

Maybe you’ll come back to me.
What a glorious pair we’ll be.
This world will surely break our bones, you’ll see.
You’ll be safe and sound if you just stand by me

Ooh, I do, just want to stand by you.
Track Name: Howlin Song
I was once a lone wolf. The stars were out and the moon was full.
I like to sit outside while everyone was in bed.

So every day I wait for the night, just to see that wondrous sight.
And howl my blues that fill me with dread

I was howlin at the moon, howlin at the moon instead.

Step by step we follow the pack. Just make sure you stay on track.
I walk my own pace, at least that’s what they say.

So every day I wait for the night, just to see that wondrous sight.
And howl my blues that fill me with dread
Track Name: Rocking Horse
Oh hello little rocking horse, how you wish to fly
Down and around that great race track, but you can’t help wonder why

Every move that you make, is quickly reciprocated
It doesn’t seem fair that the picture of your life be so dully painted.

The kids will come and the kids will go, enjoying you for their time
But you’ll always be one step from getting the glory of your prime

So there you sit painted oh so bright, and that smile slapped on your face
Why think about what you can’t have I guess you just need to know your place.

That’s why I sing this song
That’s why they sing along
This thing that we do is bigger than us so we just try to hold on

But then that day came as quickly as a flash and left just the same
As the fire spread out into the house, no one called your name

As the bookshelf fell and the curtains burned you could only think to stand tall
The smoke was crippling but thankfully the fire didn’t get you at all.

It’s some type of miracle, some type of trick, but you stayed there until the end
And when the kids saw the remains of the home, you were their only friend

Now you sit a prized possession in the living room next to pop,
You’re the last remaining piece of their past, I guess you came out on top.